HALLMAN: We Are the Aliens - 4

Fonts used: M+ 1m; Fanwood.
The gift the alienkind gave us, the humankind, had revealed some extraordinary facts. It was impossible to believe it, yet all the evidence we needed was there all the time – we just didn’t see it. We knew they could breathe in our atmosphere. We were able to communicate with them. It’s a wonder we didn’t figure it out by ourselves.
And this is the end of the We are The Aliens tetralogy. I think this cover is the worst of all of them, and at the same time, it took more work to finish than the others. I made two alternative designs, though, and I also played a little with the colors.

Oh, and I have updated the last post on this series. Now it has a fictional excerpt.

A few days ago, I posted a rather bad drawing on my tumblr that would serve as starting point for this cover. That’s it, I just wanted to link to that drawing.

P.S.: That’s it, I ran out of ideas. So no new cover for probably a really long time. Maybe I will still update this blog once or twice, with redesigns of old covers or something like that.

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