HALLMAN: We Are the Aliens - 3

Fonts used: M+ 1m; Fanwood.

There was a small box on the table. The aliens left it there, of course. It was a green box, and it had a card attached to it. I picked the card and looked at it, it was the shape of a small alien head. I smiled, those guys had a sense of humor.

But I was afraid. We didn’t know the aliens very weel, we didn’t know what they were capable of. Maybe there was something bad inside it. Maybe that box was something that I should let alone.

I opened it and everything stood still.

Sorry, no fictional excerpt for this one. The last non-existent book in the series, though, will have an excerpt that I believe will be longer and better than the others. Especially because the last book is actually the one I thought of first, and I imagined te whole series because of it.

UPDATE (2013-08-5): As you can see, I put a fictional excerpt there. I think you should know something about it: the whole excerpt is inspired by this Jonathan Coulton’s song: youtube.com/watch?v=0qgFxKIv32Q

It wasn’t meant to be when I started writing it, but I thought about the song while writing, and I couldn’t resist. The more I think about the song, the more I believe it fits really well with the We are The Aliens fictional tetralogy. This excerpt is in my opinion the best of all the fictional books in this series.

IMHO, this cover isn’t quite as good as the other two, but that’s what I managed to make with my skills, and I try to work with my limitations, not against them. I believe that’s why my covers are a lot better than these.

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