HALLMAN: Seven Black Dots

Font used: League Gothic.
“Then I saw seven black dots painted in one of the bricks. They were disposed a pattern similar to the one in the faces of a die, but they weren’t aligned with the sides of the brick, and I found that a little unsettling. One of the dots was split in two, with a part of it in the brick below.

That struck me as really odd. The regular pattern the dots were in suggested they were there for a reason, yet the split dot suggested they were there purely by accident. I knew then that solving this mystery wouldn’t be as easy as I had expected.”

I don’t know whether these paragraphs are well written or not, but I know that I like it. I kinda wish this wasn’t just something I written to be a non-existent story for a fictional author in order to make a fictional cover. However I don’t believe I would be able to write a story that could include these two paragraphs, since I created them out of context like this.